Can I Afford Braces?

Can I Afford Braces?
Posted on 02/26/2015

Orthodontic treatment has shown to have fantastic results, whether it’s improving overall dental health or boosting someone’s confidence. For many, they want their new smile, but the $3,000 - $8,000 price tag on braces puts treatment a little out of their reach. Occasionally, there is a discount for payment in full at the beginning of the treatment, but the discount may not be significant enough to make this a viable option for some. The good news is that there are ways to ease the financial burden of paying for braces, while still getting the healthy, confident smile that you’ve always wanted.

Insurance Coverage

There are many dental insurance policies available that cover orthodontic treatment up to 25% or even 50% in some cases. Check your policy to see if your policy covers orthodontic treatment, specifically braces, since there is occasionally some fine print in regards to coverage for braces. Whatever the amount covered by your policy is, you have to pay less out of your own pocket, which is always a good thing.

Payment Plans Are Available

Orthodontists like Dr. Shawn from About Faces & Braces want to make braces something that is accessible to anyone who wants them. Depending on your orthodontist, payment plans are available so you can get your braces and new smile, while making smaller, more affordable payments. The size of the payment will also depend on your orthodontist, so schedule an appointment and just talk to them about treatment. Many times, the ideal orthodontic treatment plan that your orthodontist creates and what you can actually afford don’t match up. Working with your orthodontist will allow you both to create the perfect treatment plan that works for you and your budget.

Be Aware Of Other Expenses

When you’re considering orthodontic treatment, be aware that there may be other expenses beyond just the braces that you may come across. With advancement in orthodontic technology, there are now many different orthodontic treatment options available to patients such as Invisalign, In-Ovation self-ligating braces, or Clarity clear ceramic braces. These programs provide various benefits, whether it’s improved comfort or aesthetic appeal, but may be more costly than traditional braces.

Talk To Your Orthodontist

The key to finding affordable braces is communication. Work with your orthodontist to create the perfect treatment plan and discuss what the payment options are. If you live in Springfield, Clarksville, or any of the surrounding areas, the experienced doctors at About Faces and Braces will help you find the affordable, quality orthodontic treatment that you need. Give us a call and schedule an appointment with us today! We look forward to helping you work towards your new smile.